A lot of things are coming together at the moment.

The CRM-ish thing I've been mulling over for a few months likely won't come out as a brand new product in the near future, but as an extension to one side to Write.as: interacting with your readers / subscribers. Instead of building a product solely for me, hoping for wider utility, it'll be built for everyone, and I'll happen to need it, too.

We're also going all-in on our multi-user side of Write.as. Unlike with our attempt at “Write.as for Teams” (a completely new moonshot product), this is a gentle, natural evolution from our current product. You won't have to reconfigure the way you write, or set up a new writing environment tied to your hosting configuration. You'll just write — but now with other people.

With this, we'll also be adding optional complexity to our minimalist platform. Users will start with a “just write and publish” experience as always, but we'll now offer a rabbit hole for advanced publishers who need to do more. I'll leave this intentionally vague for now.