A studio, not a company. When I think about a more grand vision for this overall thing I’m building every day, this is what I feel I want to build. I don’t want to wake up every day and go to the office — I want to go to the studio.

I hear “company” and think suffocating hierarchy and a dull, single-minded focus on profit. I hear “startup” and think underdog stories, empty hype, and forever chasing a carrot on a stick. But I hear “studio” and I think calm, open-ended creation — a place where your work is the goal in and of itself, and not just the means to another end.

This is probably an imperfect term for what I want, but it helps set my priorities straight: build first and the money will follow; work at your own pace; meander as needed; let life intermingle with “work” (in the artistic sense, not the job sense). At this point, all that’s really left to do is to keep creating.

Thoughts? Discuss...