Back to some coding today / tonight. Just finished the option to put posts on a sub-path, which mostly just lays the groundwork for things like static home pages (it won’t be widely available yet). Next I’m working on custom redirect support, which again won’t be widely available. Then it’ll be more work on our new category system.

Tonight I spent some time thinking about an easier post management UI, and ended up designing something that combines that with an early “drafts” system — that is, completely private posts tied to a blog, so you can preview them with your blog’s theme and share them with any team members before publishing. Basically, this will be an early, built-in version of (without any version control).

It’s also very interesting to me, because it’ll live alongside our continued support for Anonymous posts, which are always useful as publicly-shareable “drafts.” In other words, each kind of post (anonymous, draft, blog post) will have a distinct use case, so we’re not adding pointless cruft or shoehorning any functionality into where it doesn’t fit. Excited to develop this, when time allows for it.


Thoughts? Discuss...