Excited today, as my new computer arrives.

I haven't bought a brand new machine in 8 years. Today I work on two devices, a System76 laptop from 2012 (bought new at the time) and a circa-2010 ThinkPad X201 (bought used; this is my second one). The ThinkPad is my portable device. It gets the job done, despite its age and small size. The System76 machine stays on my desk at home, basically as a desktop computer. But it's started to show its age, and I'm consistently hitting the limits of its 8GB of memory. I figured it was time to get something more modern for whenever I'm working in my home office.

I'll be keeping the ThinkPad for working away from my desk. But I'm replacing my “desktop” machine with a System76 Thelio, with 64GB of memory, many TB of storage, and new everything else. I haven't had a desktop computer since I was probably 16 years old. Now I'm looking forward to creating a nice, permanent setup that helps me get more work done.