In case you missed it, last week we welcomed Coil Blogs users to! As mentioned, this is the project we’ve been focused on for the majority of the last year. Now that most of the work there is done, I’m turning my focus to our other major projects: another large migration, our Team / Publisher product, and

For, a solid plan is coming into focus. I’ve been wanting it to turn into a friendly, consumer-oriented product for the nearly-five years it’s existed, but I think it makes much more sense in the short-term for it to become more of a developer-oriented backend platform. Essentially, it’ll quietly power photo uploads in our Classic editor or mobile apps; it’ll be a self-contained component of WriteFreely; and it can serve as the solid backend for any visual publishing product we build — whether made for pros or everyday consumers. I’d like to continue evolving its long-promised photo management features, but really focus on this “backend” future.

The other two items are very involved, and mean rethinking almost everything about the platform. I’ve gotten pretty far designing this basically new product over the last several months. But only a handful of customers are driving the design there, and I think we need a wider range of people interested in using “multiplayer” so I can feel like we have it right when it rolls out to everyone. If you’re interested in publishing with a team and working closely with us to evolve these features, please get in touch! You can reply to this email if you’re subscribed, or respond in the fediverse: