In the beginning, was meant to be an answer to “How do I interact with people on my blog?” I'm wondering now if we expand its scope to include information about who you're interacting with.

I didn't want it to merely become a “comment management” platform, where people comment on your posts, and you display those comments publicly. I wanted more conversation and more social context. Those goals alone mean more potential paths for this product.

For more conversation and context, I primarily intended to provide more communication channels, for private replies and public commentary. We're going to dip our toes into this shortly, with the added ability for email subscribers to reply directly to your emails (private replies). This will be a very minimally-viable way to communicate today, but it'll open the gates to richer interactions down the road, perhaps facilitated by a web application instead of your email client, for example.

What kinds of interactions will people have? How will this feature be used? I'm not sure yet; I think we need that functionality in place, out in the wild, before we have answers.