Recently remembered our Android app, while writing our blog post about changes to Free registrations on A “version 2” of the app that would let you log into your account never materialized — we got about 95% of the way there, but the developer I’d hired to do the update had other things come up before we could finish.

Still, it works perfectly well as the same anonymous publishing app it launched as, nearly 7 years ago. Pretty cool that it has over 100,000 installs total (25,000 active) and still holds a 4.4-star rating after all this time. But I think I’ll send out a marginal update that makes sure it looks nice on modern Android devices.

I tinkered with it a bit today, updating all dependencies and build tool versions, and got it to compile again. But it seems the Tor library the app relied on has changed a lot, so I’ll have to re-learn Android development if I want to release that update. Probably something for another day.