Since discovering the Hobonichi Techo in late 2017, I've bought one every year. My uses for it have evolved over the years. I go through periods of to-do lists and to-email lists. I write thoughts and trivial occurrences. I keep track of my weight and workout schedule and different streaks of behavior.

This year I got the (daily) Planner as usual, but also added the Weeks notebook to my desk, and it is perfect for work.

Last year, I started accumulating those to-do lists every day of the week. But the benefit of notebooks can also be their shortcoming — once the page is turned, it's easy to forget what you wrote on the one before. Soon enough, if an item didn't get checked off one day, it was easily forgotten.

Now that I can keep an entire week open and visible on my desk at once, it's much easier to plan longer-term tasks, and digest all that needs to be done on any given day. I still use the Planner for work, tracking appointments and major events. But now it mostly tracks my personal life, and the Weeks shows me exactly what's happening with at any given time.