Why do you build what you're building? I think I'm after something real, for once, in a sea of crappy commercialism.

I like to rail against the marketers for being detached from reality, and the money men for cheapening and crappifying anything that is truly good, like the internet. Yet here I am, swimming among the fish, building a business — though that's not really the point.

It's been over 6 years since I started Write.as. I distinctly remember my idealism back then, wanting to “prove” the need for privacy; wanting to build the “model” for a sustainable business that others might follow. I know those ideas have inspired others and attracted people to my work, and for that I consider myself truly “successful” at something. But I still have to fight off the feeling that I'm an impostor at times in the business world.

Really, this company gets built every day only because of my idealism and need to make art, mixed with the economic reality that I need my needs taken care of to continue making that art. The point is the art; the business is just there to subsidize it. I think I only feel doubtful when I forget that.