As I wrote in a recent fediverse thread, I’m working more and more toward splitting WriteFreely (the open source project) from (the hosted service), so the software project can live more independently.

Among other aspects, WriteFreely funding has been closely intertwined with — our company provides the funds for all project infrastructure, events, developers we hire, etc. Indeed, we’ve actually recommended that people support the project by paying for a Pro subscription. This funds the work of course, but it also comes with an entire hosted service attached, at whatever price we set. So I wanted to improve that.

Now, we’ve set up separate funding infrastructure that will be solely dedicated to #WriteFreely, so people can support our work more flexibly, without worrying about getting more than they need (in our case, a hosted service). Donations go to a dedicated place, where they’ll only be used for funding the costs of developing, maintaining, and growing WriteFreely.

If you’d like to support the project, now you can donate on Open Collective or GitHub Sponsors. You’ll also notice a Sponsor button at the top of our GitHub repo, in case you want to donate in the future!