Micro Matt


Playing around with a tool for generating nice-looking images from text this morning. Started off using an HTML5 Canvas, and quickly hit resistance. Got a complete Go-based prototype working in about 2.5 hours, thanks to this tutorial.

This would replace my Bash / ImageMagick-based script I previously used to generate images like those on our Instagram page. I'd like to convert this into a web-based tool and make it available for anyone to create this kind of content — perhaps even automatically from a Write.as / #WriteFreely post.

For now, I'm off to the woods to go camping. Will get back to work tomorrow afternoon.

This blog is now set up on micro.baer.works, and includes a custom theme copied directly from my baer works site.

Custom domain setup was really, really smooth — set a CNAME record pointing to me.writeas.com and then changed the settings in Write.as; first site load (generating the SSL certificate) took about 10 seconds. New system powered by Caddy is really nice.

Custom theme took about 10 minutes translating everything, adjusting via trial and error. One time, the Customize page showed me an old (cached) version of my Custom CSS, requiring a refresh. Otherwise the process made a strong case for a “V2” default style on Write.as / #WriteFreely. Among other painful CSS rules and !importants, I repeated this CSS fix from matt.writefreely.dev to make the home page font size consistent:

body#collection #wrapper {
    font-size: 1.2em;

Also enabled fediverse support, but a critical bug still exists. I hope to investigate and fix once other high-priority issues are off my list.