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An idea occurred to me last month. All along, I’ve been pursuing this idea of “separate but connected apps.” But as I’ve started implementing them, and later with the release of WriteFreely, I’ve had to change my view on what that “connected” part meant. It turns out that they need to be not just connected, but highly integrated in some important ways, if I want to give people the best experience.

An easy example is the photo upload feature in our Classic editor. Previously you had to switch apps to upload a photo, then switch back to insert it into your blog post. Now it’s a part of the Write.as interface, and seamlessly powered by Snap.as behind the scenes. You don’t even have to know Snap.as exists to use it — but if you do, you can do things like manage your photos through this separate tool. Maybe that’s where the separation actually makes sense.

So this idea I had was: some sort of unifying interface. Open it and decide whether you’re writing (Write.as) or uploading photos (Snap.as) or reading (Read Write.as) or checking your inbox (Remark.as). Each action points you to the correct product, and each product contains elements of the others, where it makes sense. For anyone fully utilizing our ecosystem, this could fit them best, while not disturbing those who just need one tool or the other. Importantly, the model could also fit WriteFreely, so it’s no longer just a blogging platform, but actually a multi-application tool (kind of like Phabricator).

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We’ve had a lingering issue with the orientation of photos uploaded to Snap.as that I’ve finally fixed today. When I looked at it a while back, I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. After another go at it today, it turns out the issue was with the Dropzone.js library we’re using to resize images on the client side.

After playing around with Dropzone, and adding a Javascript library to decode EXIF data and fix the image orientation before resizing on the client side, I’ve landed on a server-side fix. Now, we’ll just upload the full-size image, and fix the orientation and resize the image on the backend. This will mean more bandwidth use and processing work on the server, but it permanently fixes the orientation issue as well as another issue with optimized images.

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