Just rolled out the largest update to Write.as I’ve pushed in a while. Most regular users shouldn’t notice anything different, but Team users will see it: a way to switch the entire interface / navigation from your personal Write.as account to your Team (as I’ve written about before).

These changes stretch across to the management side of the app, but it was all mainly for one reason: knowing what information to present in the editor. The “action context” (as I’ve called it internally) dictates what integrations the editor presents, tells photos where to go when uploaded from the editor, and determines what authors you can publish an article under (this feature is coming next). Since I was working in the editor anyway, I also made those other small updates announced today.

I probably could’ve designed this in a different way, especially to fit my fluid usage (tens of personal blogs, plus three teams, each with many blogs). But from an actual customer perspective — the people I’m building this for — I think the firm line between “individual writer” and “team member” is the right way to go. Plenty of people will only be writing for their team, for example. Hopefully this design fits them well (besides my own dogfooding, we’ll find out soon with early testers).

Next, as I mentioned, we’ll launch those author features. I’ll announce that more widely on the official blog.

#dev #teams

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