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Always amazed at how much difference a good night of sleep makes. Literally feels like gaining new powers when I wake up rested. Yesterday was that rested day for me; today, not so much.

Much of that was staying up late last night to handle a backlog of issues and correspondence. This was an exception to my normal days — I've mostly kept to 8 hour work days for the last several months. But sometimes working into the night helps me focus and just get the work done, instead of vacillating on it all.

Today: more marketing work, customer support, and work on rich media embeds with Embedly.

Thinking about how easy it was to set up this new blog on Write.as:

Can't overstate how nice it is to have a tool that can bring something to life on the web so quickly.

In less than 30 minutes I have a microblog on a custom domain, with SSL, personalized theme, and a few posts already published, thanks to @writeas__

- @ilikebeans

...and mostly, that's because I know the platform so well. I know the sharp edges and ideal paths to take to do what I need to (even those that are painful to work around).

Besides fixing the things that need fixing, obviating the need for learning new tricks, I would love to build a dedicated place to learn how to use the platform from the people who know it best; not just “user guides” but a small “school” for learning how to best use Write.as, Snap.as, and Submit.as.

Mostly, writing on @matt@write.as has gotten heavier over the years. With more visibility comes more pressure to write something fully fleshed-out, and right now, I find myself with less time to give my writing all that attention. So instead of at least something getting published, half-drafts get written and then filed away forever. Hopefully a change in format will change that. (I'll try to ignore any audience expectations and largely write straight from the brain.)

This blog is now set up on micro.baer.works, and includes a custom theme copied directly from my baer works site.

Custom domain setup was really, really smooth — set a CNAME record pointing to me.writeas.com and then changed the settings in Write.as; first site load (generating the SSL certificate) took about 10 seconds. New system powered by Caddy is really nice.

Custom theme took about 10 minutes translating everything, adjusting via trial and error. One time, the Customize page showed me an old (cached) version of my Custom CSS, requiring a refresh. Otherwise the process made a strong case for a “V2” default style on Write.as / #WriteFreely. Among other painful CSS rules and !importants, I repeated this CSS fix from matt.writefreely.dev to make the home page font size consistent:

body#collection #wrapper {
    font-size: 1.2em;

Also enabled fediverse support, but a critical bug still exists. I hope to investigate and fix once other high-priority issues are off my list.

Today: working on marketing materials for the upcoming ALA conference (virtual). On my list as well, I'm working on Embledly support and some outstanding issues from the Christmas / New Year break.

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